BMW 2002

This BMW was parked in a lock up locally for the winter as the owners wanted to use it during the good weather to help it last longer.  24 years later, the decision was made to bring it to Classics for a free inspection so that the owners could decide whether to keep it or scrap it. The good news was that the lock up was warm and dry and the car was basically very solid with no corrosion on the shell. Mechanically the car did need work to correct some previous poor repairs and modifications together with the usual deterioration of brakes, suspension and cooling system. During the repairs, the opportunity was taken to upgrade the suspension and cooling system together with an accurate set up of the fuel injection system which it appeared had been set up incorrectly several decades earlier. What a difference, the car now drove as it always should have done. The MOT was a formality and the car is now being enjoyed again by its delighted owners.