Lotus Elan +2

Having restored an Alfa Spyder for the customer over a period of three years whilst keeping it mobile and useable, the decision was made to purchase a restoration project proper. A Lotus Elan +2. This car had been owned by an Aircraft Engineer who had carried out a lot of work during the 1980’s but had done less and less  until he decided to part with it when he was in his 80’s  The car benefitted from a recent chassis replacement and engine rebuild but needed almost everything else repaired or replaced, including replacement of the almost non- existent sills. During the sill replacement the opportunity was taken to make some moulds of the inner body work so that replacement panels could be manufactured. After repair of the suspension and brakes the car now drives, handles and stops as Colin Chapman intended, the car is a joy to drive. Work has been carried out on the electrical system to ensure reliability together with improvements such as a geared starter for better hot starting, a larger modern cooling fan to improve behaviour in traffic and relays on all systems to protect the original wiring loom. With just the final setting up to carry out before the MOT the customer is looking forward to this year’s summer weather.