Porsche 912

“Just straighten the front bumper and have a quick look at the engine”

That’s how this total restoration started. We offered and carried out an in depth inspection producing a sizeable list, proving that the Porsche had seen better days and many miles of use. Our customer agreed that if he was to have a Porsche then it should be a nice one. We stripped the car, reporting as we went along to the owner, whose enthusiasm soon equalled and then surpassed our own. Soon we were having almost daily visits accompanied by boxes and armfuls of new or unobtainable parts. Whilst the body shell was being repaired and repainted, all the mechanical parts were repaired or reconditioned together with an upgrade for the tired engine, so that it would perform as well as it looked. With the return of the now beautiful body shell, the long process of refitting all the refurbished parts could begin, again complimented by frequent deliveries from the enthusiastic owner. The final job was to refit the interior, much of which had been restored whilst the body shell was away, it all fitted perfectly! After running in the modified engine, the Porsche was taken for an MOT which it passed with flying colours, ready for plenty of use by its delighted owner, so delighted in fact, that he is now looking for another project to share with us.