Repairing Classic Cars

Classics by JSWL offers a free Health Check to all new customers.

Quite often during our Health Check long standing problems are often discovered. We frequently find that customers have become used to faults or  assume that old cars just drive like that. Customers are often surprised by how well their car can drive after a few simple repairs to suspension, brakes or steering. We have noticed a worrying trend recently since the abolition of pre 1960 MOT tests where customers have bought cars only to find that they have received no repairs and have deteriorated very quickly. We will happily carry out an annual inspection or even arrange an MOT for peace of mind. A well maintained classic will be far nicer to own and enjoy rather than waiting for the inevitable breakdown. Classics are able to carry out a full range of repairs from brakes, suspension, steering, drive train and engines and also offer electrical repairs and welding to a very high standard. Call us to discuss your requirements.