The restoration of a classic car can take many forms: from recommissioning a vehicle that has been laid up to extensive repair as the result of many years and miles of use. Obviously restoration of any kind will require thorough assessment, investigation and a degree of fault finding initially. Understanding what work needs to be carried out, be it electrical, engine, gearbox, suspension, interior or welding to the chassis or bodywork is critical and something that our engineers are highly experienced at.

Once the car is assessed and the owner is satisfied with costs and timescales work to strip the car down either partially or completely will begin. With component parts separated from the chassis, work to assess and repair, rebuild or replace will begin. Rebuilding engines, regardless of marque, capacity or number of cylinders is a process that is routine at Classics by Jim Stokes Workshops. Similarly gearboxes can be reconditioned through careful inspection and replacement of internal components. The manufacturing division of the JSW Group means that re-bores, cylinder head and block refacing, crankshaft grinding and component balancing can be carried out on-site.

Electrical repair from minor faults to the fitment of complete new wiring looms is routinely carried out. The electrical system in Classic cars is particularly vulnerable and needs careful attention and skill to ensure that it will operate as it did when new. Replacement wiring looms (either whole or part) are available for many classics and are made of higher quality materials than original ensuring years of reliable service and if off the shelf systems are not available new looms can be created.

Often the most involved area of classic car restoration is welding and bodywork repair. Replacement body panels are available for many classics but equally many will need new sections fabricating when panels are unavailable. Chassis corrosion, whether localized or more extensive requires a high level of skill and experience, both of which our team possess.

Suspension, brakes and steering is one area where classic cars win over their modern cousins: for example rebuild-able hubs with shimmed, regreaseable swivel points and an absence of electronic sensors makes for a relatively straight forward rebuild.